Souterrains, le monde creusé par l'homme. Jérôme et Laurent Triolet. Carrières souterraines, champignonnières, villes souterraines, souterrains-refuges, habitats troglodytiques, tunelles de guerre, souterrains cultuels, catacombes.

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Flora and fauna of underground world


Man is not the only one living being who venture into the underground world. Plants are growing at the beginning of the galleries and animals are living deeper in the darkness. Bats remain the most famous inhabitants. They are sleeping during the day in the gallery and hunting insects outdoor during the night. From bats and their guano there is a complete food chaine with bacteria, arachnids and insects.




Light and vegetation


The Red Admiral

The Hart's-tongue Fern

Greater horseshoe bats

The Lesser Horseshoe Bat

Group of large mouse-eared bats

Large mouse-eared bats

Group of Vespertilionidae

Whiskered Bat


The common toad

The common toad

The Parsley frog



The Herald

The Tissue

The Tissue

The Jersey Tiger

Meta menardi

The spider Pholcus

Amblypygid or Whip spider

Rove beetle larva

Greater horseshoe bat

Long-eared bat

Toes and claws to grip

The house centipede

Scutigera with exuvium

Gastropod and pink woodlouse

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