Souterrains, le monde creusé par l'homme. Jérôme et Laurent Triolet. Carrières souterraines, champignonnières, villes souterraines, souterrains-refuges, habitats troglodytiques, tunelles de guerre, souterrains cultuels, catacombes.

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Souterrains and caves in Benin


Benin, this small country of West Africa with a rich history, has an exceptional underground heritage. In the South of the country, around the historic city of Abomey, former capital of the Kingdom of Dahomey, there are innumerable souterrains-refuges (underground refuges) of a special type. These cavities have been revealed in 1998 by Professor Klavs Randsborg and his Beninese-Danish team. The density of these souterrains is very impressive: more than 1000 cavities have been listed in this region. In the North of the country, natural caves and rock shelters have been used as refuges or places of worship; traditional ceremonies are still taking place in some of them.


Souterrains around Abomey (Benin)

Caves in Northern Benin




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