Souterrains, le monde creusé par l'homme. Jérôme et Laurent Triolet. Carrières souterraines, champignonnières, villes souterraines, souterrains-refuges, habitats troglodytiques, tunelles de guerre, souterrains cultuels, catacombes.

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Underground quarries (France)


The quarrymen took stones for using them to build castles and cathedrals. It was a difficult and dangerous work. They worked in the dark using an oil lamp. They transported the stones in the underground galleries by using the force of animals. Out of the quarries the boats continued the transport on the rivers.




Pillars and galleries

Pillars and drawing

Dry stone wall



Extraction galleries

Picks of quarryman

Block of stone

Old car

Old Renault



The Cathedral

Quarrying workshop

Reconstruction of quarrying




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