Souterrains, le monde creusé par l'homme. Jérôme et Laurent Triolet. Carrières souterraines, champignonnières, villes souterraines, souterrains-refuges, habitats troglodytiques, tunelles de guerre, souterrains cultuels, catacombes.


Souterrains de Vendée

Thanks to 25 years of investigation, we are able to present the first synthesis about underground refuges (souterrains-refuges) and ring underground passages (souterrains annulaires) discovered in Vendée (region of La Roche-sur-Yon). The first part is about 10 sites studied in this region. The second part concerns vital facilities and defense systems dug into the rock. This part also introduces some legends collected about those cavities. The book is an accomplished study with maps of the location of the underground cavities, statistics, and detailed synthesis of each type of building, using a list of plans of all known French underground refuges and ring underground passages, and using also a lot of publications about this part of France.


Geste éditions, La Crèche (France), 2013, 168 p.


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